trying to get started

Hi Im very new to linux and also ardour, ive been trying to set up my computer to record guitar and vocals throught a microphone plugged into a mixer. I have the music coming through the speakers on my computer but when i try and record it doesnt recognise any audio, it doesnt recognise audio in ardour fullstop…
any help or pointing in the right direction would be greatly enjoyed!!

web forums are really the wrong way to ask for help with such basic issues. you need to get onto our IRC channel, which is dynamic, live, realtime etc. etc. etc., where people can ask you questions, you can try stuff and report back. you can find out how to get onto IRC on our support page.

I’d start with making sure “jack’s” audio setup is set to ‘duplex’ and the correct number of ‘inputs’ are specified. Then, you’ll probably need to create an ‘input’ on a new track in Ardour and have that input point to the ‘line-in’ on your soundcard (may be represented as “capture-1/capture-2”).