Try to build Ardour 3 since a week


I’m trying to build Ardour 3 and can’t find the fftw3f and fftw3f-dev in any repository I know this time. Google seems to not being my friend in this particular case.

Does anybody have an idea ?

The pc is running 64 Studio beta 3 (Hardy based) and the repos are :

deb hardy multiverse restricted universe main
deb-src hardy multiverse restricted universe main
deb 64studio main
deb-src 64studio main
deb etch main
deb hardy-backports main

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It is in the hardy repo and it is called libfftw3-3. I don’t know if ubuntu packagers have built it correctly, let’s hope so, no?

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@ Paul : Thank you again for the tip

@ Pablo : Thank you for the localisation, but I’m afraid it is not correct, scons returns an error. Maybe an user error, but I made it very step by step following Ardour manual.

@ forum, if it can help somebody like me who read howtos too quick ! the howto step by step (can find it in fftw install file ))) :

dwnld fftw-3.2.1.tar.gz from
extract it in a directory of your choice
cd in this directory

and have a look at !

when building FFTW: ./configure --enable-float

some packagers of FFTW don’t understand that this library can (and generally should) be built to produce both a double precision and single precision version.

@ Paul,

well, I completely read the how to build Ardour section of the site, please ignore my question about building twice !!

Nice new site,