Try before I buy?

Hi, would it be possible for me to try Ardour before I buy it? It’s not like I am a cheapskate, it’s just I am curious about the program and would be happy to pay what I can afford if I decide to use it.

you can, just enter $0 for the donation amount. But donations are greatly appreciated!

Try before you die!

Hi and a Happy New Year,

@WESMC. First a few assumptions. Wesmc you posted on the osx part of the forum, so you
probably can afford a mac. (maybe I’m wrong and you’re running the cheapest Hackintosh). Still…
Ardour is open source almost freeware, it can’t be developed without people that use it
chipping in for further development. Most of the alternatives to Ardour are way
more expensive, don’t have demoversions (as far as I know,
only people repeating the marketing talk), lack a lot of the flexibility,
they still have serious shortcomings and you don’t have the possibility to
spur development on specific issues by sponsoring the specific tackling of that issue.
maybe you like beer than this analogy may appeal to you.
you buy a bottle, like it and than you buy a case…or not


PS. yes, I think you are a cheapskate.

Come on. At the very least he’s a slightly expensive-skate. :wink:

@dhjoe, why are you encouraging alcoholism on this forum?! :wink:

@wesmc… I how about a dollar??? surely that can’t hurt to try…

Hi all,

Although this thread is a bit old I just want to point out that things change.

I was once able to spend all my free time working and saving and bought a Mac and some other fun audio toys. Still took a lot of saving as I was a student. Now I am trying to support a family on a very low income whilst working towards a better paying career. (Carer work just doesn’t pay the bills).

So just because someone has some expensive gear, doesn’t mean they are being cheap if they are being careful with there money. That said I did pay a small amount ($30 - was all I had in my bank account) upon download.

I really appreciate what you guys are doing. I am so tired of closed end, proprietary systems. Pro Tools is a joke. I hope to go to linux one day, but do not feel I have the necessary computer skills for it yet.

If I’m happy with the program and it does, or will do what I want it to do in the near future I will subscribe and donate what I can.

Cheers - Luke

@electic_eye: thanks for your sentiments and for helping to support the development of Ardour even when on a tight budget. Its much appreciated.