trust preview images or video sync?

I wonder: i have a lag of a frame or more between the actual video playback synced with the sound and the preview when i dont play but scroll over the video. also when i see the preview images on top in the editor: when i zoom in and add a sound exactly to the beginning of a frame, it seems to be played back earlier than the frame… shall i trust my ears or the timeline? i could have latency just on the playback side of the video but i havent experienced it before…

Here is the site of the iOS sync app developer:

Thank you so much! now i need to get someone to the studio with an iphone 5 :slight_smile:

Here is a link to a youtube video (also shown on the developer web site) that tell what the sync app does and how it is used:

Thank you mhartzel! I m checking on the android apps but couldnt find anything useful till now… but it s good to have a name… and then I will convince someone with an iphone checking it for me :wink:

My colleague used the iPhone app for measuring delays. I will ask him what the app name was.

Thank you mhartzel. strange enough i never thought about it as i do post for film/video quite a while, and never had a noticable delay. I have a dual monitor setup with one screen being a 4k screen I added recently so maybe this added some delay. unfortunately i dont have an iphone, I ll check if there is something similar on android. do you know how the app is called for iphone?

If you use a flatscreen TV as your monitor there will be delay in the picture caused by the monitor itself. I had 111 - 180 ms delays on tv - monitors we used at work. If you change settings of the tv (turn on or off picture enhancements) then the delay probably changes. You can expect some (2 - 10 ms) delay also on computer monitors.

Video delay is quite a big problem in TV post production. You can measure the delay with special equipment or if you have a iPhone you can record video and audio with a special app that lets you later see the recorded video frames and audio waveform on the same display and measure how far apart they are.

Or it can be delay caused by the video player. It does not matter what causes the delay, but you should measure the delay from the finished video with the Ardour made sound track on it. Then you can compensate for it.