Truncate Silence to .5 second AND exporting questions

I have recently just transitioned to Ardour from Audacity and I’m still learning. The way I cut up the podcast files I edit sometimes leaves a few seconds of silence between parts. When I used Audacity, after I did the editing and mixdown, my final step was to do a truncate silence so all those silences were cut down to .5 seconds. It worked great.

The last episode of the podcast I used Ardour almost entirely, but I brought the final FLAC file into Audacity, and did a truncate silence. Then from within Audacity, I exported as a FLAC, an OGG, and an MP3 files. I’d love to keep it all in Ardour if possible, I like it so much better than Audacity.

In Reddit a user kindly gave me an FFMPEG script they use in terminal, I’m on Linux too, but said that I could click the edit button and add the FFMPEG commands in Ardour so I wouldn’t need to open Audacity. I’ve tried it a few ways, and can’t seem to get it correct. I see where I can put scripts but I don’t need all the metadata, I just want the truncate silence part.

Does anyone know how much I can cut off from this script? I’m on Ardour 6.5, the podcast has between 4-7 guests each time, and I do a separate export for each of the file types, unless using FFMPEG I could do it once, truncate the silences, and do all 3 exports.

ffmpeg -i %f -c libmp3lame -b:a 96k -ar 44100 -ac 1 -af silenceremove=stop_periods=-1:stop_duration=1:stop_threshold=-40dB:detection=peak -metadata title=“Episode 3xx - Something” -metadata artist=“Atheist Nomads” -metadata album_artist=“Atheist Nomads” -metadata album=“Atheist Nomads” -metadata date=“2020” -metadata track=“xxx” -metadata comment=“Released on 2012-” -metadata copyright=“2020 Dustin Williams” %d/%b.mp3

Any direction would be appreciated.