Trouble with Output to HDMI

Hello All.

First off, I really like Ardour, so, well done to the development team!

I’m very new to Ardour and I’m afraid that I have one problem, which I know is likely to be solved by some setting somewhere that I just don’t know about.

I’m running Linux Kubuntu, and I want to have Ardour output to an HDMI Port. But so far, after several hours of trying, I don’t seem to be able to get it to work. Here are some points of interest.

  1. Ardour outputs just fine to my sound card. So at this point the software is very usable for me.
  2. I can see the HDMI port listed on the Audio/MIDI setup screen (in this case it’s an Nvidia card). But when I switch to the Nvidia card, no sound comes out, although I can see that the input tracks are getting a signal.
  3. I’m using ALSA.
  4. Both the HDMI card and the Sound Card work just fine with LMMS, although with some pretty noticeable Latency.

Since the HDMI card works well with LMMS, I think I’m just missing some basic setting somewhere in Ardour. Well, maybe.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Try with a large buffersize 4096 or 8192 samples. most HDMI devices cannot cope with small buffers.

PS. Alternatively try Ardour’s Pulseaudio backend (if you only need it for playback during mixing).

Thanks for the reply,

I just tried 4096 samples, but that did not work. So I tried 8192 Samples, but I got an error message saying “Could not configure Audio/MIDI engine with given settings.”

I can see the Pulse Audio listed on the dialog. I will give that try. hold on


Thank you so much! That was it

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