Trouble setting up Jack2 with Fiio E10k

Currently I have a Fiio E10k as my primary DAC/amp. The onboard audio (Realtek ALC898) got fried somehow and is completely dysfunctional.

The Fiio works fine without Jack but when I use Jack with the alsa driver the audio becomes extremely distorted. I’ve tried increasing the latency and changing other settings but nothing has helped. I’ve only ever configured Jack with Qjackctl.

Do I need a different sound card and if I do what would be a reasonably cheap option?

I think the jack settings to try are : 48000 Sample rate. 64 Frames per Period. 3 Periods per buffer. Totalling 1.3ms of latency.
The jackd manual recommends USB audio devices use 3 periods per buffer. Did you try 3 periods per buffer?

I dont know if its still the case but jack2 has been known to be buggy.

if you can id try using other jack, since if it works with also it should work with jack

Sweet the first settings fixed it! Thanks!

Your’e welcome. Enjoy the music!

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