trouble installing ardour 4

i entered the following in terminal:

cd /home/cgi_hell/Downloads/

the result was
cgi_hell@Precision-M6500:~/Downloads$ cd /home/cgi_hell/Downloads/
cgi_hell@Precision-M6500:~/Downloads$ ./
bash: ./ Permission denied

did i enter this inclorrectly?

Try chmod +x
and then run it again.

You have to make it executable or it won’t run!

im not exactly sure what that means sorry…im not the deepest user of linux
could you type out what you mean and ill copy and paste?

Once again (how many times will I post this link, given to all downloaders but hardly ever read):

yes i looked at that initially after download and typed into terminal what i thought was correct but it was not…in my initial post i pasted in what i typed from following those instructions but it did not work, so i am wondering if i didnt follow template correctly

In the second command, you missed out the /bin/sh part from the install instructions

cd /home/cgi_hell/Downloads/
/bin/sh ./

My suggestion (which contained the exact command to copy and paste!) should have worked too. In context:

cd /home/cgi_
cd /home/cgi_hell/Downloads/
/bin/sh ./

chmod +c

Paul’s approach is to run a copy of the shell using the downloaded file as input; mine is to make the downloaded file executable and then run it (it still needs the shell, but invokes it automatically.)

Sorry, my copy-and paste went wrong. What I meant was this:
In context:

cd /home/cgi_hell/Downloads/
chmod +x