Trouble Importing a .flac File

Hello All - I am using Ardour in the Studio 13.37 DAW - this is a Linux compendium of Audio & Video production software that lauches “Live” from a USB stick.

I am trying to import a Drum / Percussion track ( “song” ) I created using “HYDROGEN” drum programmer. In the “Import” dialogue box in Ardour, the default places to look for the file do not include the Hydrogen file location. I click “Browse” and type in ( and also paste in, because nothing happened the first time ) the file name + location in the file system in the “Browse” window space - BUT - the “Import” or “Open” button in the lower R. of the Import Dialogue Box remains grayed out - Not active - I cannot open the file, I cannot import the ,flac file, into Ardour . . .

I am using Studio 13.37 - a “Live” Linux Audio Visual compendium which includes ARDOUR in its programs. It is an up-to-date version of Studio 13.37 ( just a few months old ).

Is this an Ardour bug? I have created an AUDIO track in Ardour, and then tried to import the .flac drum pattern . . . Same problem…

What am I doing wrong - Or does it look like a glitch…?

Thank you all in advance for your help!

  • Babaguy

Unless you can show that this is a version of Ardour obtained from, we cannot really provide support. There are many reasons why this might happen, and some of them relate to build errors in the version of Ardour you’re using.