Trouble Creating Subscription PayPal


I initially downloaded Ardour from my distro’s repositories and I like it enough to pay for a regular subscription. I started going through the process and when the Ardour site sent to to PayPal I got a “Your account is limited” message (I did this 4 times on 2 different devices". I assume it’s legit because it’s on their domain. I looked at my PayPal account page, I read their help which said go to the “Resolution” page and look for something saying “Account limited”, and it’s all clear. I talked to their chatbot which told me there are no limitations on my account. Any ideas?


This is a PayPal issue, and unfortunately you’d need to take it up with them. Their chatbots are not very good in my experience, you’d need to reach an actual person (which may or may not be easy).

I had this a few years ago after the total sum of transferred money exceeded 2000 euro. I had to provide them with a ID and confirm my address (via electricity bill or similar) to remove account restrictions.

Yep, y’all were right. I called them and spoke to a human. After I explained my issue she told me that I had to call in to fix it. They just wanted to verify my identity and address. I’m good now. Thanks for the help!

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