Trisquel 7.0

Has anyone tried running Ardour with Trisquel 7.0? Are there any components in Ardour that might clash with a fully free software system that has the binary blobs removed? Your help/response is greatly appreciated.

Trisquel looks pretty nice. I wouldn’t think you’d have any problems running Ardour on it. The fact that Trisquel itself is entirely free is irrelevant to running Ardour. I say go for it. :slight_smile:

You might have problems if you need non-free firmware to run your graphics hardware properly.

I didn’t notice anything about Trisquel preventing non-free software or firmware from being installed. I get the impression that Trisquel is delievered as a completely free OS. What you do with it after you install it is up to you.

Acutally, Trisquel isn’t all that special in terms of being completely free off-the-shelf. Getting a base Gentoo installation up and running is also from completely free software. Once the base system is up, it’s entirely up to the user what do install. I’m sure other distros are similar in this respect, although it’s true that not all of them are.

/s/what do install/what to install