I’m looking for a way to convert monotonic audio (like a kick drum) to midi so it can be run though samplers… but I havn’t found anything.

Can anyone point out a way to do this?
In SONAR 2 I used the “extract midi timing”

You could try Aubio. It has a couple of command-line utilities (e.g. aubionotes) that create a JACK input port and a MIDI output port. Route the track output (or a send or whatever) to aubionotes’s input then aubionotes’s MIDI output to your sample.

I’m not sure what the difference is between aubionotes and aubioonset, but one of them should do the trick.

One problem you may have is that the pitch detection may output seemingly random MIDI notes. You could use something like QMidiRoute to map any note number output by the aubio utility to whatever note number you man the sampler to see.

I have never tried this, but I have messed around with using aubionotes and playing a softsynth with my bass guitar. There is some latency introduced (i.e. the sampler output will sound late compared to the original kick drum sound). I haven’t measured it, but if you’re recording the sampler output back to a track you can always compensate there.

there are loose plans to use aubio to add beat detection functionality to ardour. no timetable though.

awsome, thanks