Triggering Audio Tracks via midi

Not sure how to do this but is there a way to trigger audio tracks in Ardour via midi? I recently had a family member show me how he does it in Ableton Live on his Macbook. He had made backing tracks for songs he does live (e.g. Intro, Verse, Chorus…) and opened in Ableton triggering via usb midi pad. Just wondering if this is possible and if so how to do it? Thanks in advance.

Ardour is not Ableton Live. Most DAWs are not Ableton Live. If that sort of workflow is important to you, then you should consider buying Bitwig for Linux when it finally comes out (this month?). I would like to add some of these kinds of features to Ardour in the future, but it is not something you can do at present.

You can take a look at Luppp and see if it does what you need.


Ok cool. Thanks guys.

@ seablade: It looks like decent software. It does what I was asking about. Pretty easy to setup it seems and is aimed at live use. I’ll be giving it a test run. Thanks again.