tried to install plugins.. :(

Hey guys

ive got a issue. i just downloaded the swg plugins from or whatever the addy is, and i had to compile and install fftw and pkg-config to get them going. after much researching i finally compiled and installed both fftw and pkg-config, and got the swg plugins to install.

when i try to “update” the plugins list im getting error messages for every single plugin in the console saying “symbol is missing” or something along those lines.

what have i done wrong, and what can i doto fix this?

Running osx 10.4

if you read the OS X requirements page you will see a set of links to DMG’s for major plugin sets.

sooo you did.

once again, i should have read some more documentation!

i actually found these as you were posting.installed, and working successfully!

thanks guys :smiley:

Just thought I would check in and see if these were possible yet.



Hopefully within a couple weeks.

I look forward to trying them out. As always, thanks for looking into this taybin.



I’m kinda stuck waiting for these!

The main machine in our little studio and my home workstation (both linux) have them, but I’d like to be able to mix/play with copies… my crazy schedule means “on my macbook, wherever I happen to be when I have time”.

These plugins are the the last missing piece.

Can’t wait! :slight_smile:

(Well I can, of course. I just have that fun “kid waiting for xmas” feeling going on. )


Much appreciated!