Tried Mixbus

Mixbus is excellent.

I just got a second hand Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo which is great for audio production. I use Linux as well as OSX including AVLinux but needed a new computer. I decided to go with a Macbook Pro so then I could run Mixbus and a few plugins I want to use. We want Mixbus Linux but I know this isn’t really a Mixbus forum. I actually prefer Linux as an OS.

One thing I was wondering about was the Lexicon PCM plugins. Does anybody know if these work in Ardour OSX? Do most AUs work or are there problems? The Lex plugins are very expensive but they are the best plugins end of story. Superb reverbs. You have to have ilok to even test the demos but I may do this. I was considering a second hand hardware Lex but the plugins make more sense.

@efflux: more or less all AU plugins work. There are a tiny handful that have specific, small, issues. No particular reports on the Lexicon plugins at this point, but also no reason to suspect there will be any issues.

OK. Thanks Paul.

There is one reverb I want to test but I have to buy (no demo) so just wondering about possible problems.

I’m testing all reverbs at the moment. There is one OK LADSPA reverb just called Stereo Reverb. There are ways of using more than one reverb on a channel so maybe possible with this reverb on Linux.

Unfortunately Lexicon have a real monopoly. Once you have used Lexicon it is hard to use anything else. They are awesomely musical. The problem is the expense.

However, I have found some other decent reverbs. I will get back here or maybe AVLinux forum depending on what works where and how good I think they are. FST testing for example. Maybe possible ways of using two LADSPA plugins for early and late reflections.