Treat fade-in/fade-outs like crossfades

Is there any reason that fade-ins/outs act differently to crossfades? (i.e. just a menu, instead of a nice GUI popping up.) I’m no programmer, but I’d have thought it would be less work to use the same dialogue twice rather than making two different ways to act on fades.

To my mind it makes more sense to use the same flexibility for fade-ins and fade-outs as are possible in crossfades - it’s unlikely that people will often need such a level of control, but if they do, then it’s nice for it to be there.

Also, the little blob to click on for “normal” fades still appears over a crossfade, which makes things a bit confusing.

fade ins and outs are intended mostly avoid clicking at the beginning and end of a region. they are not intended to provide for totally flexible per-region gain control - the region has its own gain envelope for that (right click on a region, and find it in the per-region context menu)

the only reason there is any choice about the shape of fade in/out’s is because for there is no single shape that is always appropriate for all material. the length adjustment was probably a mistake :slight_smile: