Travis Birds "Coyotes", produced, recorded and mixed with Ardour


Wow! another amazing production and nice video, too.

Also an outstanding performance and a good composition. There are not a lot of 3/4 pieces sounding so natural. I like the middle-part 1:44 a lot – incredible guitar arpeggio!

PS. Did you use an effect (e.g. ssj71’s power-cut) for the detune, pitch-down around 1:20 and at the end or is that just a MIDI pitchbend?

PPS. While I have your attention. The old “sleeping philosophers” videos, e.g. Baghdad (the one in the old theater) are no longer available on youtube Is that intentional?

Hi Robin! So glad you liked it, thank you for your words.
For the detunes I just used MIDI pitchbend, yes.

And, about the Philosophers, I decided to release the whole thing as a closed concept (there will be no more Sleeping Philosophers), so I’m in the process of re-mixing and re-releasing the whole thing as a whole. It’s sounding soooo much better now, and I’m sanding all the hard edges.
Unfortunately (actually, fortunately) I’m very busy now with this other project (Travis Birds), it’s getting a lot of attention and I’m working hard on the rest of the songs (amazing songs).
I’ll surely post the new songs as we release them.

Absolutely top notch professional quality throughout. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Great sound!!! Was any other open source software used? Plugins maybe?

Thank you for commenting, I’m really glad you liked it. :slight_smile:

Imenator, yes, the usual plugins (I’m not really a plugin-crazy guy, I just use some compression, some EQ, tape simulator, reverb and not much more).
Most of the plugins I use are open source, but I use extensively some plugins by LinuxDSP as well.

Sorry,not able to speak in spanish…
Well I am quite impressed.
Nothing to say technically because this part of the work seems to be perfectly ( professionnaly) mastered.
On an artistic point of view ,while I am not really understanding the words you say,you are able ( this is the power of musical language) to let the listener feels things .
So hat down.
If you ever come to have touring dates in France in your schedule ,let me know,I will be glad to see you on stage.
All the best.

Thank you so much Oliv, really glad you like it.
We are finishing recording more songs right now so, if you like the project, keep updated. Good things coming. :slight_smile: