Travis Birds "Coyotes", produced, recorded and mixed with Ardour

(Basurazero) #1

(Robin Gareus) #2

Wow! another amazing production and nice video, too.

Also an outstanding performance and a good composition. There are not a lot of 3/4 pieces sounding so natural. I like the middle-part 1:44 a lot – incredible guitar arpeggio!

PS. Did you use an effect (e.g. ssj71’s power-cut) for the detune, pitch-down around 1:20 and at the end or is that just a MIDI pitchbend?

PPS. While I have your attention. The old “sleeping philosophers” videos, e.g. Baghdad (the one in the old theater) are no longer available on youtube Is that intentional?


(Basurazero) #3

Hi Robin! So glad you liked it, thank you for your words.
For the detunes I just used MIDI pitchbend, yes.

And, about the Philosophers, I decided to release the whole thing as a closed concept (there will be no more Sleeping Philosophers), so I’m in the process of re-mixing and re-releasing the whole thing as a whole. It’s sounding soooo much better now, and I’m sanding all the hard edges.
Unfortunately (actually, fortunately) I’m very busy now with this other project (Travis Birds), it’s getting a lot of attention and I’m working hard on the rest of the songs (amazing songs).
I’ll surely post the new songs as we release them.


(Mikael Hartzell) #4

Absolutely top notch professional quality throughout. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


(imenator) #5

Great sound!!! Was any other open source software used? Plugins maybe?


(Basurazero) #6

Thank you for commenting, I’m really glad you liked it. :slight_smile:

Imenator, yes, the usual plugins (I’m not really a plugin-crazy guy, I just use some compression, some EQ, tape simulator, reverb and not much more).
Most of the plugins I use are open source, but I use extensively some plugins by LinuxDSP as well.


(Oliv Rougeot) #7

Sorry,not able to speak in spanish…
Well I am quite impressed.
Nothing to say technically because this part of the work seems to be perfectly ( professionnaly) mastered.
On an artistic point of view ,while I am not really understanding the words you say,you are able ( this is the power of musical language) to let the listener feels things .
So hat down.
If you ever come to have touring dates in France in your schedule ,let me know,I will be glad to see you on stage.
All the best.


(Basurazero) #8

Thank you so much Oliv, really glad you like it.
We are finishing recording more songs right now so, if you like the project, keep updated. Good things coming. :slight_smile: