"Travis Birds - Acordes de Jazz", arranged, produced, recorded and mixed with Ardour

Another song for the new album, this time a jazzy, lowfi, slightly tipsy little song for a Summer night with a glass of wine.


This is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing! Any insight into the production and mixing would be very much appreciated, if they’re not super secret :wink:

Congratulations, great mixing! Loved it, great song as well.

Thank you, much appreciated!!

Saam, of course, ask anything you want. In essence, the steps I follow with this project (Travis Birds) are more or less the same in all songs, first I record her singing and playing the acoustic guitar. Then I add the rest of the stuff, more “just playing” and following my instinct and loosing myself into the music rather than a specific and thought plan of the production. I usually feel the production is right there in the melody and the way it’s sung, you just need to listen to it, and then translate it into orchestration, trying to add a “dress” as beautiful as possible that suits and enhances the song.
Throughout this process, vocals are overdubbed too, very special attention is put on the vocals to have the right kind of emotion and expressiveness.
When I feel it has everything the song asks for, I mix it. I usually don’t use a lot of plugins, basically high pass filters, EQ, compression and reverb.
Graphical EQ to notch out some frequencies and then another to shape the specific instruments into the overall lanscape (almost always removing frequencies instead of boosting) and some pultec-style passive eq are sometimes used too. Compression (not a lot, being careful with different attacks to place the instrument in the sonic landscape as well, I tend to use parallel compression too). Some reverb (usually two or three different ones). Then of course if the songs demands it, I go searching for special effects and experimenting with delays, phasers or whatever. It all depends on the song and the orchestration I’m developing.

And not very much. Very glad you like it :slight_smile:

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The voice sounds so sweet.

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I really love her voice :slight_smile:

Hi ,just listened once this title,I’ll come back later to give my feelings about the tune … But you already know they are good !!!
Waiting for the schedule of your touring dates😎

The best mixes are ones where you only notice the performance and don’t notice the mix at all.

This would be a perfect example (in my opinion).

And the fact that the layers evolved as you played through them just highlights your own musical prowess as well.

It’s clear you have an amazing ear, an amazing musical sense, and what you’ve created here is simply amazing.

It’s clear you’ve put a lot of work into this … and again, what I appreciate the most is that all that work dissolves into the beauty of the performance. It’s like I’m there. I’m going to listen to it several more times today.

And thanks for sharing some of your workflows. This is a very impressive result. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, it’s great to read you liked it. Thank you for your words :slight_smile: