tranzport device does'nt work as nonroot user

I followed the manual and got tranzport working as root (with some limitations as described in my comment on pauls story)

But as I use ardour as a nonroot user tranzport isn’t working:

As I activate tranzport in the Options Menue the Transceiver LED is on, but Tranzport doesn’s connect.

Here’s the console output of ardour:

ardour@daw ~ $ ardour2
WARNING: Your system has a limit for maximum amount of locked memory!

Loading ui configuration file /etc/ardour2/ardour2_ui.rc
theme_init() called from internal clearlooks engine
loading system configuration file /etc/ardour2/ardour_system.rc
loading user configuration file /home/ardour/.ardour2/ardour.rc
OSC @ osc.udp://
ardour: [INFO]: Using SSE optimized routines
ardour: [INFO]: looking for control protocols in /home/ardour/.ardour2/surfaces/
ardour: [INFO]: Control surface protocol discovered: “Generic MIDI”
ardour: [INFO]: Control surface protocol discovered: “Tranzport”
ardour: [INFO]: Control protocol Mackie not usable
loading bindings from /etc/ardour2/ardour.bindings
Gtk-Message: (for origin information, set GTK_DEBUG): failed to retrieve propert
y GtkWidget::cursor-color' of typeGdkColor’ from rc file value “((GString*) 0
xda02c0)” of type `GString’
Loading session /home/ardour/test_tranz1 using snapshot test_tranz1 (1)
Loading history from ‘/home/ardour/test_tranz1/test_tranz1.history’.
Config variable mtc-port-name stored as control
Config variable mmc-port-name stored as control
Config variable midi-port-name stored as control
Config variable seamless-loop stored as 1
Config variable meter-falloff stored as 32
actually writing state
Tranzport: cannot claim USB interface

And here is the Errormessage in Ardours Log:

[ERROR]: control protocol name “Tranzport” could not be initialized

And here is lsusb output:

daw ardour # lsusb
Bus 002 Device 001: ID 0000:0000
Bus 002 Device 002: ID 165b:8101
Bus 003 Device 001: ID 0000:0000
Bus 001 Device 001: ID 0000:0000
Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0402:5602 ALi Corp.

Any ideas, what did I wrong?


this is covered in the manual.

Sorry Paul, but I’ve done this already… -

/etc/hotplug/usb/tranzport exists and was set runable.
/etc/hotplug/usb.usermap exists and has the tranzport settings like described in the manual.
udev is running, and hotplug also.
But it doesn’t work on my setup. Where can I look, how can I test? Is there a debug mode of ardour, where I can get more informations, what is going wrong?

Thanks for your patience :slight_smile: