Transposing stereo regions

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to transpose a stereo region in Ardour 3.2 (downloaded from and transposing goes well otherwise, but the resulting stereo region has two identical channels. So transposing also does kind-of stereo to mono conversion.

Is the reason for all this in KXStudio and Jack2 I’m using? Should I use Jack1?

(Export is also broken in my Ardour3 and that’s why I’m blaming Jack2 – I’ve read there are problems with Ardour export and Jack2)

It isn’t related to the version of JACK you are using, but sounds like a regular bug. Please file it at so that it is not forgotten or lost to the winds of time.

I finally got around to report this behaviour. Problem seems to be larger than just losting stereo feel:

Got a workaroud for this problem. Bug occurred when I just dragged and dropped audio tracks to the session without importing them. (That’s my normal way of working). It caused all problems. When I copied audio to the session, everything worked without problem.