Transport control with OSC

Pre-noob here (haven’t downloaded yet). I’m an experienced programmer and Logic Pro user running on OSX.

I need a DAW whose transport can be controlled from an external program. Can someone tell me if the following is possible and relatively straight forward in Ardour with OSC (or whatever)?

I want to use an external program to play short sections of audio in (effectively) random order. Assuming Ardour supports some convenient form of bar position adjustment so I can accurately map measure numbers to an audio track, I’d like to be able to run something like the following pseudo-code:

while more_sections():
      start, end = get_next_section_bar_numbers()
      send_osc_play_command(start, end)

Just to be clear, the sections to be played are not sequential and may be overlapped, e.g.

17-21, 18-19, 3-5, etc.


Short version, you might be able to do it, it wouldn’t be worth it.

If you are on OS X, look at QLab.


ardour offers no mechanism to interrogate the relationship between BBT (Bar|Beat|Tick) time (“musical time”) and the sample-based timeline that is used to control the transport. There is also no mechanism to retrieve the location of various markers, which would be the closest thing to the concept of a “section”.