transport buttons and F11

Hi all
Everytime I use the maximize function via F11, the transport buttons disappear.
once I filed this as a bug but that was rejected as it is seen as normal.

But how is it possible to show the transport buttons while ardour is maximized?
Any help appreciated!


Ardour 2.0.5

I have same problem:-)

but in kwin you have to check “keep above” after then pres F11 and transport is still above…

gnull: tearoff the transport controls first, before pressing F11. to tearoff, press+drag on the arrow at the right side of the transport controls “box”.

Thanks! that worked.

That tearoff solution is not really possible when you switch to the “light theme” as the little arrow right side of the transport gets invisible.

I still can’t believe that this behaviour (the disappearing of the transport) is intended.


thanks for the heads up on the disappaearing arrows.

just FYI, the disapparearing arrow has been fixed in svn.

cool! thanks.

one more question: is there the possibility to show the transport buttons on a keyboard entry or menu selection?