transferring mixer settings between projects


Here’s the situation and what I’d like to do:
usually, I start a new project each day I enter our rehearsal room to start recording.
So, every project represents a certain rehearsal and a certain day of recording. (this is necessary for archiving)
The editing (trimming regions, adding plugins and “mastering”) is done afterwards when I’ back home.

I now have a new project (recorded yesterday) with some takes in it that I’d like to export as songs but I want to have the mixer settings (gain adjustment, effects, etc.) that I’ve used in a previous project with this new one to make them sound equal.

Is there a way of copying/exporting mixer settings and use them in other projects (the track names are equal) without having the use templates beforehand?

thanks for your help!

As a manufacturer of mixing consoles, my first response is required to be: “this is why the separation of recorder & mixer worked really well for making albums over the last 50 years”.

You can’t currently copy mixer settings from one session to another in Ardour. (this is true for most other workstations as well).

If you are really careful with your track layouts ( 1 is lead vox, 2 is bass, 3 is kick, etc) then it would be fairly easy to make a script that automatically copies your mixer settings from one session to another, since Ardour sessions are simple XML. But that doesn’t exist as far as I know.

A workaround might be to run an instance of Ardour as the playback system, and run a second instance as the mixer. Route between them using JACK.

In the future, you might consider recording your songs inside the same session, separating each session by time (i.e. song1 starts at 1 minute, song2 starts at 10minutes, song3 starts at 20 minutes.) Or you could use playlists to separate the songs, if you don’t plan to use playlists for overdubs later. I believe these are common workarounds for DAW recording.

Better yet, buy a mixing console :slight_smile:

-Ben Loftis
Harrison Consoles

for tasks like this, rather than various fairly geeky scripting/routing workarounds, i’d suggest using the already implemented snapshot functionality. save each song as a snapshot (Session -> Snapshot), which will create a de facto standalone session that just shares resources, including tracks names, mixer settings etc. - with its “mother” session.

save the snapshot before doing any editing, name it as desired (or use the default date/time based naming format), then open your new snapshot by clicking on it’s name on Snapshots card on the right side of the editor window. then you can edit off all unwanted material and leave just the song you need to work with - this will not affect the “mother” session, from which you can create another snapshots later.

cheers, tomas

thanks for the suggestions!
I’ve tried out the snapshot functionality and it’s ok but it not quite perfect yet. The snapshot only copies the mixer settings that were used in the “mother session” which doesn’t give me the flexibility that I’d like to have.
I’m always trying out different settings the get the right sound and I’d like to be able to apply a certain setting which I found to be good to sessions that I’ve recorded earlier.
The ultimate goal is to find the perfect plugin/effects/gain combination and apply this to all the songs that I’ve recorded until then.

What about the playlist funtionality?
Does this allow to apply the same bunch of settings to the different songs?

Doing all the recordings in one session and then creating snapshots afterwards seems to be a good idea.
You’ve said something about running 2 instances of Ardour: Is it possible to have a second instance running simultaneously? When I try to open a new session it always closes the running session before starting a new one.
(running 2 instances could be a nice workaround because I could just copy/paste mixer settings from one to another session)