Transfer custom user Mackie Control buttons assign?

Hi Ardourists !

I was previously using Ardour 5.12 on my ubuntu studio 19.10 laptop(distro provided), I then just switched to the Ardour 6 RC (official nightly binary downloaded there).

I’m so far happy but noticed one thing that annoys me a little.

Although I answered yes to the configuration transfer, it seems that I lost my MCU Pro user edited assignations.

Can somebody tell wich file contains this and eventually where it may be located on my filesystem ? (opt?var?).

Thank you so much fellows !

I can’t quite recall the name right now, but check in $HOME/.config/ardour5/mcp to see what’s there.

Thank you @paul !

For future & posterity it was stored in $HOME/.config/ardour5/mcp/User(edited).profile
just moved it to the neighbour directory ardour6 :wink:

Was this subfolder dismiss a bug(maybe forget?) of the configuration transfering feature or is it the expected behavior?

Now I know where it is , it will be ok for me next time tought :smiley:

And plugin integration with Xtouch works like a charm :+1: ( the next dreamed big step will be to user sort the order of the parameters displqying on the MCU ).

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