transcoding error

I am trying to print a cd of what I have exported. But when I try to play it on a cd player, it wont play.

What settings do I need to make the output to make it compatible.

Depends on how you are trying to burn the CD. Chances are this has nothing to do with Ardour and everything to do with whatever software you are using to burn the disc.


i was using Windows Media player

In Ardour: Export to .WAV 16 bit PCM, 44.1kHz sampling rate, two channels (stereo).
Dither can be anything but triangular is a good choice, and ‘none’ is a bad choice.
Ardour 3 has a preset “CD” setting for export, which defaults to the correct settings.

When burning CD, make sure you you are creating an AUDIO CD, not a CD-ROM.