Traktion Linux VST

Somebody played with those plugin:
Look like they are seling Linux VST, are they compatible with Ardour lake LV2 or LADSPA ?

Why not download the “free trial” and try them out yourself? Let us know how it goes.

Yep, I can do that, but, years ago, I was compiling Ardour with vst switch to be able to use VST plugin (from windows mainly) I never used linux vst and did no no it existed, and mi exact question is : ¿Are linux and windows VST supported by Ardour natively now? ¿Or do we still need to compile Ardour to use them?

LinuxVST support is compiled in to the bundles provided by this site.

Windows VST support on Linux using Wine is not.

So to answer your question, they should work. I wasn’t aware of these, that is a nice basic collection of plugins to be honest, will be curious to see how they sound, especially if they can be used cross platform.


They could send a free bundle to Paul for testing. shall I ask them ?

I downloaded DEMO for Tracktion DAW Essentials.

Tried with Ubuntu 16.04 and Ardour 5.5. I could load up the reverb plugin which sounded OK, but all GUI elements were missing. Loading up the compressor (2nd plugin on the same audio track) then crashed Ardour. I have a ticket in to the company with no reply yet.

Here’s a backtrace to go along with the report:
The problem is that the plugins push the JUCE symbols in the global context. Here ends up calling a method in (method with same name, not namespaced)

To reproduce: load 2 different plugins, show GUI of both (here: TReverber8, TChorus).

Other JUCE based Linux VSTs which do not have this issue are e.g. the DPF plugins. The solution to the issue is likely using the -fvisibility=hidden compiler flag.

For inspiration, see also (stripping the binary and only including needed symbols is also a good idea: check with nm, obdump. Bonus points for statically linking libpng, libz and libfreetype, rather than depending on distro-provided ones: check with ldd)

The Tracktion devs have been very responsive and there are now working builds of their plugin suite that fixed the crashing in Ardour and the problem with resizeable GUI (now resizing is disabled). New builds should be on the website tomorrow.

I tested the new demo with Ardour 5.5. + Ubuntu 16.04 on a Thinkpad T530. The GUI’s are very nicely designed and responsive and they have a nice set of presets for each plugin. Recommended so far as budget-friendly $99 for 16 usable plugins (reverb, EQ, compressor, limiter, gate, delay, chorus, flanger, etc. etc.)

Good work! They look good value if they are now stable with Ardour/Linux.
What restrictions apply to the demo version? (the web site doesn’t seem to say)

I was just notified that new builds should now be up on the Tracktion website:

The demo version has a static-like noise that fades in every 10 seconds or so, otherwise it seems full-featured.

I like them so far, if for nothing else than ease-of-use, nice design, and having a comprehensive and consistent set of plugs to make guitar+vox demos on my laptop. It’s a pleasure to have factory presets on every plugin to speed up the workflow. The quality seems good but others can do more in-depth testing.

I would encourage everyone using Ardour to at least test out the demos to make sure they are stable across platforms and iron out remaining kinks. So far so good with me. The devs seem dedicated to making the Linux platform work. They also have a mastering tool for Linux VST.

That’s awesome! Thanks ohzbees for following up.

It feels good to hear about a pro-audio company is not only responsive but also cares about Linux support.

I tried the demo of Tracktion’s BioTek softsynth in Ardour 5.5/Ubuntu Studio 16.04. I put the file in usr/lib/lxvst, where I have Loomer Aspect (which works well as a plugin). I hear the “demo sound” and a little squelchy noise when a midi note plays but when I try to open the GUI, Ardour crashes. BioTek has a flashy, morphy GUI, which might be the problem. I’ll give their tech support a shout, since they seem receptive.

Downloaded the DAW Essentials Plugins from tracktion’s website today - using the plugin version 1.0.25 with Ardour 5.12. The plugins crash as soon as I try to open the GUI in Ardour. Has anyone managed to get these working/stable?

They are working fine for me (openSUSE 42.3, 4.14 kernel, xfce, Ardour 5.12, Tracktion DAW Essentials 1.0.25), except for very seldom xruns when moving the open GUI under load.

I assume that that there is a problem with some dynamically linked library. You could try for example “ldd” from the command line to see whether there are missing dependencies and start Ardour from the command line to see whether there are messages.

Hmm, tried ldd but it didn’t show any missing dependencies. When I open the GUI and Ardour crashes, the terminal just outputs “Segmentation fault (core dumped).” The plugins work fine in Carla and Bitwig!

That smells like the same issue, as before: not-namespaced symbols pushed into the global namespace.
Carla and Bitwig process-separate plugins (that adds DSP load overhead), Ardour runs them in the same process (no context switch).

I have a little test on ardour 5.12 on debian stretch 9 with repository kx studio. Daw essential tracktion work good on ardour…about 10 seconds noise for demo plug in…