track's outputs are disconnected from master-bus-in after new start of ardour


I think I its a strange behavior:

I connect several track’s output to the master-bus-input (works of course

then a I save the session and close Ardour.

when I startup up ardour next time all the connections done before to
masterbus-in are lost, so I have to redo them again. (work)

is this like it should be?

aren’t the connections saved?


Could you run this for us?

  1. Create a new session with a master bus
  2. Create a new track and make sure its’ outputs are connected to the Master bus
  3. Save & Quit
  4. Take a copy of the sessions .ardour file
    (located /dir/you/created/it/in/[SessionName]/[SessionName].ardour)
  5. Open ardour and the session and verify that the connections are infact
    lost also in this case
  6. Send the copy taken in (4) to us, either on the forums under this topic,
    or to the ardour-users mailing list.

btw. Which version of ardour are you using?



I’m using version 0.99.3

I did like you asked for, but this works fine.

so maybe it was just a mistake that I did.

If it should happen again, I will send you the

[SessionName]/[SessionName].ardour file

thanks for your help, hope I did not waste your time.

have a nice day

btw: whats the difference between this forum and the ardour-users mailing list?


The mailing list promotes more in-depth discussion of Ardour issues.