Tracks output routing

Hi everybody,
In a session, I needed a bus grouping 5 tracks. I routed all tracks into a bus clicking on the tracks bottom buttons, and disconnected from master and reconnected to my bus in the matrix.
I checked today Ardour Manual, and noticed this is not the right way to do this. However, I experienced a strange behavior: Ardour changed my routing from “mybus” to “4”, which went to master. I can’t tell at which moment it happened, once was on session load, but other wasn’t.

I’m on daily 4 hours recording/mastering sessions, which is very short, which are then directly recorded on dubplates (10’’ vinyls), this broke me a record.

Is that a bug?

It isn’t quite clear what you’re describing. Can you be a bit more specific about the connection state that was wrong?

ok here is:
I created a bus “mybus”
I routed 5 tracks to “mybus” with the matrix using the button in the bottom of the track in the mixer, called “master”, then obviously “mybus”. The 5 tracks now go to “mybus” and not to master anymore.
I don’t know why and when, after a while it changed in my 5 tracks this setting to “4”, (I don’t know to what it refers), and output to master bus again.

was it clearer?

The best thing is to get things into the “wrong” conditions, then open a Terminal window and run this command: jack_lsp -c

You can then paste the output here.

I dont know why your trackis would have changed like that.

but when a tracks output at the bottom of a track looks like that, it means its routed to more channels than it can display in the field. so its routed to 4 different outputs.

check your routing an unnasign any unwanted outputs, fomr the *4 its likely routed to your bus and also the master whichw ould make most sense.

why it has done this i dont know.

i have seen this a few times on my own projects and i just fixed the routing. it hasnt done it in most recent versions in arour.

are you using the most recent version?

ok, I know what ardour doe’s: it reconnect automatically after a while to master bus. On another project I did the following:
made a new group ‘mygroup’ on track toto
made a new bus with toto tab context menu: this connected toto to mygroup bus
put other tracks in mygroup: but I had to manually connect to mygroup bus, and disconnect from master

then it happened what it happened…

any idea?
(yes, I use latest version)

i think theres an option in ardour to stop ardour automattoically connecting outputs to the master bus. maybe this is a new bug if you allow ardour to automatically connect inputs and outputs it does what you are experiencing.

i havnt tried the new version yet so i dont know.

yes, I un-checked in pref->audio: ‘auto connect bus/tracks to master bus’ (~). I experienced other strange behavior: new tracks created come without pan setting. They are indeed not connected to master bus. But my other tracks still auto reconnect to bus…
So what’s the way to make groups?!


I still experience the issue with 5.12.
I use excellent session manager Catia from KXStudio, sadly not maintained anymore.

The workaround is: when it reconnects to both master bus and group bus (usually after restart), I disconnect each tracks from master bus in Catia, then save the studio. If I do it from Ardour, it doesn’t work.

Usually if this happens with a session manager, it is because of a misconfiguration, typically in the session manager, which recreates those connections. Those configuration issues become even more picky when using a session manager so you have to make sure you get it right, but in my experience every time I have helped someone with an issue like that it is because they were using a session manager and it was acting like they didn’t expect.