Tracks made using ardour since 2006

Tracks I made using ardour since 2006 to present

older tracks also available via Jamendo

Software stack I currently use w/Ardour:
jackd (qjackctl)

Enjoy, thanks.

Wow your music is excellent. Awesome work. So far, Blindside is my favorite, but I’m far from done listening.

Did you make all of the tracks in your soundcloud using linux software?

This is great stuff. Thanks for posting on here. I love to find others who use linux to make music.

Yes Smeefer, I have an all linux setup. Some of my earlier tracks were mixed down using a cheap 1.6 celeron laptop running Fedora 10 :slight_smile: my current setup now consists of the same software stack as above on ubuntu 10.04 (asus k50ij), generic 7.1 usb soundcard.

the only windows-based app I was able to use was acoustica mixcraft but that was ages ago :slight_smile:

im an avid fan of open source (being an open source web developer myself) and believe in CC. :slight_smile:

listened to some of your tracks to @ soundcloud, they sound nice, glad to have found another community besides for this sort of thing.