Tracks Bleed into one another.

Hi there.

I run Ardour with Ubuntu Studio 8.10 on a Acer Aspire 3000 notebook. The soundcard is a SiS7012 with a AC’97 codec. Everything runs fine except one thing:

I use the mic in to record each track. When I begin to record the second track, it records whatever is on the first track. Is there a way I can set up my connections so that I can monitor the first track and record on the second track without having it bleed over?

I have tried track 1 outputs to 1+2 and to Master In - same deal. If I mute PCM in the soundcard mixer I get no sound at all.

make sure to disconnect any inputs on track 2 except the soundcard input

That’s all I have. The inputs to track 2 are system_capture 1 and 2.

Personally, I think this is happening in the soundcard. I can’t seem to figure a way to stop picking up the already-recorded tracks and still have sound in the headphones.

Ok. Here is the Jack connections:

and here is the Alsamixer:

I don’t know about the bleed but it looks like you capture 1 and 2 are both going into audio 2 in/1 as a mono track…

This is not good practice. If you want to record mono you should only have one of those captures connected. If you want to record stereo you should setup audio 2 as a stereo track in which case you would see Audio2/in1 and Audio2/in2 to represent your left and right channels.

Actually, Allan, that was it. I was treating the tracks like stereo, when they were mono. If I dump the master out 2 to playback 2, and use input 2 for the recording track, I’m good to go.

Thanks for your help.

have you tried it with a new session file?

Yes, I’ve tried it on a couple of different session files.

Maybe a screenshot from Qjackctl’s connections page will clarify things to us, to be able to help you. Maybe there is an option in alsamixer for this, just run alsamixer from a console/terminal and see whats up.