Tracker support plugin, perhaps?

Yes, I’ve found it rather handy to create a base to the song with a tracker program (Schism tracker, to be exact), however I find it rather frustrating to convert every track (Well, actually drum and other instruments on their own track) to edit furthermore in Ardour. Also, since there is the problem that I usually distill the result trough bandpass filter and gain, to have result in more full scale of frequencies to use, since Schism has a bad habit of putting weight on lower frequencies (every tracker -program as it’s own way of handling the sound, but schism has the most familiar interface). Never the less, the program is a multi track synthesizer, that modifies audio-files to produce different types of sound, and it recognizes the most common forms of audio (wav, raw, voc). And as, for example, Schism tracker is an open source software, it would not be impossible to convert the most common tracker formats (mod, s3m, it, xm) to wave audio either by channels or by instruments or samples.

So my idea as a possible plug-in, or impended feature would be a “mod” support. Could this be considered posible?

Also, I would find it useful to posses some sort of frequency -visualization over the output of the sound by the fact that different speakers gives a different weight to the output, and I find it better to also visualize the audio equalization, especially with pass -filters, o that the final song would have balanced equalization regardless of the quality of the speakers.

I think that the conventional solution to this would be to just plug the outputs of the tracker into Ardour via JACK. Am I missing something about your goal?

Well, the fact that I would prefer to finalize the volume of the tracks with Ardour, that is not possible because the tracker programs usually give just one output (and it would be all the same if I’d do it as I’ve done before only with the need to calibrate the track positions and having to wait for the song to run from beginning to end).

Also that if Ardour itself would play the original samples within the files without the (tracker) program itself lowering the quality of the samples, nor equalizing the difference of hi and low sounds (by pre-set “default” parameter depending on how the format packs the samples) so that the final quality of the tracks would be more full (that is the reason I’ve ended up using 3 programs before importing to Ardour, since I prefer Audacity for amplifying, but K-wave for it’s graphical bandpass. And yes, I am aware that by first decreasing, and then increasing the volume I damage the quality, but do I have a choice).