Track view

This should be an easy for everyone else on this forum, but how do I see all tracks i have recorded on? I think this is the default setting. Somehow, i managed to make it so only a couple of my tracks are viewable, however, when i play the session, all the other tracks are playing, i just can’t see them.

Help please?

On the right hand side is a sidebar that you can hide or show tracks in if you are on the correct tab…


I’m not seeing the toolbar on the right side. This happened when i accidentally clicked View>Zoom>Zoom to Region (W&H).

How old of a version of Ardour? There was a bug in an old version of Ardour where that sidebar could be completely hidden and unable to be reshown, but it has been fixed for some time. Otherwise it would be a matter of finding the drag bar and clicking and dragging it to view it.


Thanks for sharing the link!

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