track templates

when adding a track to a session, it would be nice if you could choose not just ‘mono, stereo’ etc, but also some predefined template tracks, that include routing and plugins.

eg. i might set up presets like so:
a vocal preset might have a compressor and an eq, as well as a send to a reverb buss (which is also available as a template)

there should be an easily accessible option (right click on a track) to ‘add as template’.

i think it would be incredibly useful, even just within the context of a single session with many tracks.


ps. some basic example templates would be nice, but they would assume the presence of particular plugins, so i don’t know how realistic that would be. are there certain plugins you just assume are installed? eg basic compressor, eq etc

nice idea. I think these templates should be built up by the user him/herself and ardour could just provide the tool to do so.
Because what you are describing is useful in your context but I can also come up with other useful templates. Think e.g. about a studio, you also need monitoring busses for each headphone for each musician in the recording booth with its own volume level, etc, etc. So I fully agree with the idea of track / bus templates but they shall be defined by the user.

I once tried Cakewalk Sonar wich had the function of track templates. You could select one or multiple tracks and had a menu entry like “create template from selected tracks” to create such a template. You could then use these templates for adding tracks from the normal add tracks dialog.

This would be very handy for adding a set of drum tracks with complete routing, plugins and stuff.

i did mean that the user creates his own templates. i can see how my wording wasn’t that great though :slight_smile:

i still think that if there is some ‘standard’ minimum plugins selection available with ardour (i don’t know if there is or not) then some very basic sample templates would be good, especially for new users.