Track template doesn't save plugin control strips

Is it expected behavior that Track Template doesn’t save plugin control strips (those little sliders which you can make visible directly in Processor Box by right clicking on a plugin and selecting ‘Controls->Whatever’)?

The weird thing is that those plugin control strips are preserved when whole session template is saved :thinking: Am I missing something? Or maybe this is a bug?

It’s GUI state for a specific instance. It is not currently part of a route template. Likewise Wide/Narrow-strip width isn’t included either with plain route/track templates, either.

Duplicating tracks or copying plugin-state likewise looses this information.

It’s not a bug per se. Keeping UI and backend state separate is intentional for the most part.

Perhaps that GUI visibility state should optionally be included, but it currently isn’t. It’s not a trivial change since it is kept in separate place in a session. – It might be worth to file a feature request on the issue tracker. Some properties are already pushed to the backend, visibility state could be migrated as welll in a future version.

Ok, I see. I’ve filed feature request. Thank you for information.

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