Track/Route Template Ideas

Template (sub)Folders: I like track templates a lot. I like track templates so much that I find myself adding prefixes (LdGtr, RhyGtr, AcGtr, Bass, etc) to template names to help me find them later. If I assemble a particularly kickass strip, I might even prefix it with the song I’m working on (granted, my memory is shot). I was thinking it would be nice if track templates could be arranged in folders.

A related idea, when you add a track, you can start typing in the Template/Type list if you know what your template starts with. Perhaps a text filter would be a first step?

A considerably less important suggestion: not just “Save as Template…”, but “Save Template As…” where if I tweak some things in a particular track created from a template, I can “Save As…” with an updated name (and, ahem, folder) and tweak the Description rather rewriting the description from scratch.

And perhaps related to the that, A Copy or Duplicate function in the Template Manager in addition to the Rename.

Any thoughts? I’d be curious how other people manage lots of track templates.

Thank you devs, you are all awesome! Happy New Year!

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Make certain these get placed in Mantis (If not there already). Click on the “Bug Tracker” link at the top of the page. Sorry it requires a separate account though.


Thanks. I’ve submitted a Track Template Folders issue with mockups, including a Template Search bar, but am wondering if should these be submitted as 4 separate issues?

1.) Track Template Folders
2.) Track Template Search
3.) Track Template Save As…
4.) Track Template Copy/Duplicate

Or maybe 1&2 together (as I’ve done) and 3&4 together?

I think either do them all as one, or the second option 1&2 3&4 but I suspect htis is more a personal preference issue so not sure it really matters so long as they all get submitted.

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