Track Rec-Enable MIDI bindable?

I’m using Ardour 2.1 Revision 2496 on PCLinuxOS and it appears that Track Rec-Enable is not MIDI bindable. I use a BCF200 that is configured and working flawlessly using Generic MIDI otherwise. All other bindings work. Ctrl-Middle on rec-enable does not bring up the binding notice and there is no context menu.

Does anyone know if this is a bug in this particular build?

Well, I can tell you that pre-2.0, the rec-enable was bindable.

Perhaps the most important thing to discuss is why you’re using generic midi, rather than the MCU-emulation for the BCF2000?

Since sometime around 2.0.5, this has been rock-solid, and requires NO ctrl-middleclick-wiggle/push. It just works when you enable the control protocol. That’s it. Frankly, I was really tired of mapping every control element, every time I added a track or buss.

OK, lecture over. Are you trying to bind the rec-enable in the editor or the mixer? I guess I never tried in the editor before changing to the MCU stuff, but it always worked in the mixer.

I’ve tried the MCU system for a while, but I kept reaching to reassigns thing on the fly!

I just enjoy the flexibility of mapping the controls myself and I have a really sweet set of templates set up already.

I have tried rec-enable in the editor and the mixer. I have also tried every context/edit click combo I can think of. It just acts like it’s not bindable at all!

If this version was on the cusp of when rec binding was added back in, I would not be suprised. But considering it was added well before 2.1.1 I am wondering if there is some issue I am missing.