Track order

How can I change the display order on the tracks in the mixer window. I seems like every time i delete a track, the top track of my recording end up at the very bottom.
I hope my question makes sense. I just can’t explain it any better.

It seems that it’s not possible at this time to change the track’s order, either in the mixer or in the editor view.

“There is no drag-n-drop reordering within any treeview/lists. This means that you cannot reorder tracks or mixer strips at this time.”

Does this limitation only affect the native version? If I was to use the X11 version, would I be home free?

Oh, I guess it doesn’t work in the X11 either. My bad.

Just tried that.
It’s working in the X11 version.

So is the question that would follow : Would it possible to create/record/edit an ardour project with the native version, and use the X11 version only to change the track’s order if needed ?

How did you figure out on the X11 version?

I’m sorry… my english is sooo bad, i’m not sure to understand your question…
How to change the track’s order in the X11 version ?
drag and drop.