Track on Right and/or left audio side

i wish to know how i can record my tracks (guitar, synth) with a different volume in Right and left side! something like mono!
For example to record guitar track on th left! another track on the right!

then, how i can record a track with a growing volume from right to left or from the left to right (how used to do pink floyd)? so that i can listen a instrument passing from side to another side!

you don’t need to record with this effect, just record your guitar as a mono source to a mono track. Make sure the mono track has two outputs (and one input).

Then you want to play around with the panning automation, where you can define a panning curve, for example from left to right, etc. The automation panning can be reached by left-clicking on the “a” button located in the track header (editor window). A menu shows up and you select Pan (lowest item). A copy of the track wave form will show up and you can add points to the curve. To hear the result, click on the button “Manual” in the pan track header and select “Play”. Next time you activate ardour’s transport, the pan curve will be played and you will get what you wanted, the “Pink Floyd effect” :slight_smile: Good luck!

thanks for th first question!

I’ve got troubles to get the second answer! i selected Pan and i add a line from the down side to the up! but i cant’ see nothing about right or left side. If a add a line i can’t listen no one difference!
In the manual i can’t read anything about that!
can you help me! You know what i want to get…

re-read what I wrote : once you have defined a pan curve (as you put it, from bottom to top to emulate a move from left speaker to right speaker), you need to change the pan mode from “manual” to “play”. It’s a button in the pan track header. Look again. Once you change the pan mode, just play your session and you will notice the panning motion.

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