Track names over midi for a control surfce

Hi to all,
I’m building a custom control surface for ardour based on AVR microcontrollers, of course i will publish all the information to buil this when it works.
a small display for each channel displaing the track name can be nice. so im interested to send the track names of ardour thru midi. someone knows if this its possible?
thank you in advance

just use google. you can find both the appendix to the Logic Control manual, and a spec from Mackie themselves. the protocol spec was never freely available, but apple “leaked” it in the logic control manual and somehow the mackie doc ended up online too. note that the documents are not precisely accurate about either the initialization sequence (some devices don’t have this, some do, some are a bit quirky), and it also appears that most devices have adopted the logic control button names and codes as their default.

thanks, i think i wil implement the macki logic protocol. but i didn’t found the protocol spec. anyone knows where i can get it?

I believe this information used to be quite freely available - (I think it was even published in the Mackie HUI manual at one time). It now seems that AVID / Loud Technologies would prefer you to request it from them under some kind of license…

Is it possible in generic midi? No.

Is it possible? Yes. Look at the Mackie/Logic protocol for an example. Chances are you would either have to implement that spec, or write your own control surface plugin for Ardour.


I think the Mackie/Logic protocol(s) is probably the best option, while it perhaps may not have been intended to be an ‘open’ specification originally, it is widely implemented in many other DAWs too (and by other controllers) which means that rather than create yet another custom (albeit an open custom standard if you open-source your project) you would have wider compatibility with other DAWs, controllers etc if you used something like the Mackie protocol etc.