Track limits?


is there a maximum limit of adding tracks (audio, midi, or both together) into a session?
Second question: i have today bought ardour 4.6. Is there a limitation of how many times i can install it on my systems? I have 3 Laptops and a PC and i want to install it on all of them.


  1. Depends on your system, you are more likely going to run out of Jack ports first, but honestly you can do some pretty dang large (Hundreds of tracks) sessions. I can’t remember the hardcoded limit, it might be 1024 ports, but not sure.

  2. Short version is no. There is no DRM in Ardour, you can install as often as you want. Now from a user standpoint, obviously it would be preferred to only install for your use (Not the entire neighborhood or world’s) but there is no DRM enforcing this.


Thanks for your responce, i will definitely keep my ardour for my own use.

Can confirm, I ran out of jack ports the other day with about 50 or so tracks, a lot were stereo. Had to increase number of Jack ports, don’t know how this affects the system though, if at all.