track FOLDER reaper like

Hello everyone, I’m just using reaper on osx and I found a fantastic feature.
I’m talking about the track folder, reaper of work as a group, but just being tied to a track the track folder allow you to insert plugin which will be activated in the whole group.
ardor could incorporate this functionality, the groups may together to create a buss its specific work flow so free from riconscibile be compared to that of many other daw.
what do you think as an idea?

I’m not sure i understand so… as i understand:

Grouping tracks on the editor to collapse or expand would be VERY GOOD, now on the Mixer i actually use Buses and groups and hide or unhide the groups as needed, and from that point of view it doesn’t seem to be much of a feature, how would that actually work?


Look up VCAs for instance and how to use them, the operation of them is a bit different than gruops etc. and are really more for mixing control, vs busses which are really good for effects sends and group processing. Now picture when you collapse (hide) the group, instead of it disappearing entirely, you have a VCA like fader that controls the group, but has the ability to do a bus processing over all instances in the group as well. The control possibilities increase and make it easier to mix in.



The basic idea is kind of like automatic subgrouping, you have multiple tracks that fold into a single subgroup, and applying effects into the subgroup obviously applies it across the tracks. It is primarily subgroups with a different interface, not quite the same as a plugin on the master bus, but more akin to plugins across a subgroup. The interface of using it is what the big difference is, as the tracks can ‘collapse’ down to just the subgroup, or expand out to all tracks. Similar to POP groups on a Midas console combined with VCAs for control, or other methods of displaying various channels that are part of a group on larger digital consoles.

That clear it up at all?



Not really


Some work on similar functionality was done by Carl a long time ago but was put to the siide for the time being and hasn’t gotten back to it. There is likely a report in Mantis requesting this already in fact. It takes a LOT of work to implement however in Ardour and as a result I wouldn’t expect it any time soon.


Seablade, maybe you can explain it better than he did for me.

Sounds like putting a plugin on the master bus.