How can I adjust the speed of a track with more precision using the Track Control Wheel. The manual states that you can increase/decrease the speed by .1% by right or left clicking on the decimal display number below the wheel. I tried that and nothing happens. A matter of fact the decimal number display doesn’t even highlight when I hover on it like the % and wheel display tabs. Turning the virtual wheel does not give me precise control over the speed…What may be the problem?

what is the “track control wheel” ?

OOPS!..I meant TRACK SPEED CONTROL Track Speed Control

The track speed allows a varispeed setting to be applied to the track. a setting of 1.0 corresponds to the normal playback speed of the session. a setting of 0.5 will play at half normal playback speed. when altered, the track will be redrawn to reflect the new position of the audio resulting from the speed change. The Track Speed Control has three decimal places of precision. A left or right click on the displayed number will raise or lower the track speed by 0.1%. when the speed is not exactly 1, the display will be coloured red. Hovering over the displayed number will allow you to use the mouse wheel to set the desired speed. A middle click on the displayed number will return the speed to exactly 1.

Hey Paul!..I can’t adjust the speed by right or left clicking onthe decimal display tab below the thumb wheel. It doesn’t even highlight when I hover it.

The manual is out of date. There is no track speed control any more. This is a old feature of ardour that was removed about 2-3 years ago.