Track colours in different windows

In the mixer view you can give each track a colour for easy identification. In the preferences you can also set an option so the same colour shows on the regions on each track. These colours also shows up in the headers in the cue grid.

However I can not find any settings that makes these colours show up on the headers in the edit view? Is that possible or are there some reason why not? I think it would be a help to quickly identify tracks when moving between different windows.

You can do this by activating the “track numbers”:
Menu → Session → Properties , and in the window that opens select “File names” → and activate “Track number prefix”.
My Ardour installation is not in English, so maybe the names are not exactly as I have put them :grimacing:



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Thank you, LPJ! That was exactly what I was looking for! Menu-Session-Properties have to be set on every session if I understand it correctly or is there a way to make it a default setting for every new song?

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Thank you, Cooltechno! This is such a great forum and you are so very helpful!

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