Track/bus routing disconnects when Jack stops

I had Jack crash/stop for some reason while busy with Ardour. When Jack stops while Ardour is running, all track and bus routing disconnects. If you save your session in this state in order to close Ardour, restart Jack and load the Ardour session again, all track/bus routing is disconnected.

Is this expected behaviour? Should the routing not be saved and restored even if Jack was stopped while the session was open?

Ardour6.9.0~ds0 (built using 6.9.0~ds0-1build1 and GCC version 11.2.0) Ubuntu Studio 22.04
(I haven’t tested this issue with an official Ardour build yet)

Just a note that you don’t need to quit Ardour to restart Jack, just restart Jack, then open up the Audio/MIDI Setup dialog to connect Ardour to Jack again.

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