Track, bus and effect

I’m sorry, I missed that part, now I have installed with sudo apt install guitarix-lv2 and by adding the effects I can see the various Guitarix effects and amplifiers! Are there any other amp plugins you can recommend?

The LV2s packaged by debian/raspbian work. I have just tested that here on a RPi4.

But I just installed the lv2s with sudo apt install guitarix-lv2 and I see them in the effects

Start with the guitarix ones. You have plenty of them to try out before deciding that you may not like them and need other ones.
To be honest, I don’t think there are any superior ones; at least not unless you want to pay for “professional” ones.

I think Robin was just commenting on the fact that the LV2s work in RPi, as you’ve noticed, as opposed to the pre-compiled VST3 one GuntherT was talking about.

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Ok I understand, so I’ll experiment a bit with the lv2 ones, in the meantime thanks everyone!

Yep, I was referring to the binary of the full Guitarix program in a VST3 wrapper provided on that GitHub page I linked. It is compiled for x86-64 Linux OSes.

I ask you something, I currently have the free/demo version, what limitations does this version have exactly?

The free, as in Open Source, version that you may have gotten from your distro when you installed your RPi doesn’t have any limitations.

The demo version, which needs to be manually download from this site, periodically goes silent after 10 minutes.

Sorry but I don’t understand, are there 2 versions? An open source and a demo? I downloaded the package for arm from the site, can you explain? Thank you!

Ardour is open source, so anyone with enough skills can compile it to a working program.
If you want the official binary you pay an amount of money for it and if you want to try the official binary first you can download a demo.

See the “Download” link in the top right menu on this forum.

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And to follow up with what @peder posted, “Open-source” doesn’t necessarily mean “Free of charge”.



Ok but where can you download the binary to be compiled? There is only one binary and it is the same for all architectures, right? So I can also compile it with Rasberry, therefore ARM?

And, to be clear, because it seems you don’t actually understand this stuff very well, the “binary” is the ready-to-run program.

You do not download the binary to compile it, you download the source code.

But I would suggest that, if you don’t know something as fundamental as this, you have approximately zero chance of understanding how to compile the source into a working binary. As the website states: “That can be a challenging and complex process”, and that is even for someone who knows what they are doing.



Yes, I was wrong, I know how it works, what you download is the source, that is, the instructions written by the programmer with a high-level language, the compilation is used to translate it into binary, that is, a file executable by the machine, I have already copied , I know there are often problems and things don’t work out the first time, thanks.

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