TouchDAW control limits

Hello, first let me start by saying I love Ardour! I am not computer savvy, nor do I have much experience with sound engineering/software. I am using Ardour mainly for a live show mixer. I have built all of the tracks and set up buses for our IEM channels. I am currently playing around with TouchDAW and I have been able to connect and control playback, faders, etc. While I have been able to control each bus fader, I am trying to figure out if I can control the individual sends for each bus. Basically if I want more bass in my IEM, can I do this through TouchDAW?

You can probably achieve that with MIDI Learn: The Ardour Manual

Note that there are dedicated busses in Ardour to manage IEM/Monitors. Check out the Foldback section: The Ardour Manual

Finally, if you can’t get your MIDI based TouchDAW to do what you want, you may use OSC Protocol and an app such as TouchOSC. There are dedicated OSC commands to fiddle with the Folback busses. You can actually let your band mates each set their personal mix for their IEM :slight_smile: The Ardour Manual

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