Touch sensors on control surfaces

Hi, I’m developing a control surface to control Ardour. Currently I have it working pretty nice with some motor faders and buttons. all implemented in an AVR microcontrolller and speaking MIDI through an USB port.

Now I’m controlling Ardour with my prototype controller using Generic MIDI and a custom midi map binding file. But I’ve just realized that Ardour3 is ignoring my fader position commands when a track is in touch mode. It sounds to me that its impossible to get my touch faders working on touch mode with Generic Midi mode. I’m wrong?

Now I’m considering the possibility of implementing the Mackie control protocol which seems that is well supported on Ardour3 and also supports touch faders. What do you think? Is better go with Mackie control protocol? Also… I was trying to find the Mackie specification but without luck. Anyone can share with me such spec (or point me to the right place to get it)?

The docs were never officially released. Google for “mackie control specification” and combine with the ardour source code in libs/surfaces/mackie will get you a long way. I would recommend it over generic MIDI.

Then I think that the best is continue with generic midi, actually i have it implemented and working fine ecxept in touch mode. i am not able to find the midi binding/message that my control surface must send when a fader is touched, there is no such information on ardour manual.

I’m missing something? is the touch functionallity implemented in generic midi? thanks for your help

There is no touch functionality for generic MIDI.