Touch Automation - odd behavour?

So i finally got the hang of adding automation without having to go through the whole song.

However i just found some quirky behaviour that im not sure if its a bug or is intended.

what i done was go to the beginning of the track, set touch on the fader track i wanted. then pressed play so there was £"hopefully" a baseline setting.

Then scripped to the point during playback where i wanted automation and made the fader adjustment i wanted.

It was on a delay bus so the bus would stay all the way down the come up at the required point and go back down to the beginning.

Which worked great.

So i decided to try see what happens when you make adjustments while still in touch mode.

What i expected was for me to move the fader and it would stay there.

However on realsing the fader it jumps back down to infinity?

usefull in some instances, but what if you dont want to hold the fader for a minute and put it back to infiinity

im not sure exactly how touch is supposted to work

What device are you trying to use for touch automation?

Im not using a control surface, im using ardours gui mixer.

so is touch automation intended for use with a control surface?


Well it should definitely be working with the software mixer. Control surfaces it can vary with depending on whether the surface actually supports TOUCH commands. However having the fader return to it’s position gradually over time is not unheard of, but jumping back down seems odd and quite possibly a bug. If you want it to stay in place from that point, then I would suggest either WRITE automation or just drawing it in over time. All that being said, what you are seeing with TOUCH still needs to be looked at most likely.


just a note, i am running the development version of ardour rather than prebuild binary, so ill need to get onto irc and have a chat