Total Newbie

I was a pro recording engineer in the 80’s and early 90’s.

I have used Win7 based pro DAW’s for personal music production hobby since they were invented.

It just took me 2 days to get a minimal command line Arch Linux system up and running on an old box.

Whilst I have not yet fired up Ardour I was wondering - what would I need to learn in order to assist in the development of DAW for Linux.

Well the first question is, do you know how to program in C or C++?


Glenjeff: without some fairly serious C++ and Unix-ish development skills, contributing to Ardour development will be hard. The program is multithreaded, contains multiple real time threads, lots of complex synchronization and inter-thread communication mechanisms, and many other rather “advanced” programming paradigms. It may be much more valuable to consider stuff like writing documentation, which is critically important for users and massively under-resourced. Programmers don’t like doing this sort of thing, and since the development team is almost entirely programmers, it tends not to happen, much to the detriment of the program and its users.

Thanks seablade and paul.

Hope your back improves seablade and I am about “Hello World” level at c++.

Paul, I will consider writing documentation. First I must try the program I guess and see if it interfaces with my Presonus 24 4 2 desk. Drivers have always been my biggest issue.

Presonus 24 4 2 I haven’t tested, but with Studiolive 16 4 2 I do record some tracks (2012 june).
And here is {ubuntu studio) usr/share/libffado2/configuration :
{ # Entry for StudioLive 2442, from Walt Baldwin
vendorid = 0x00000A92;
modelid = 0x00000012;
vendorname = “PreSonus”;
modelname = “STUDIOLIVE_2442”;
driver = “DICE”;

@Glennjeff I’ll take Paul’s word about the programming skills required: my day job is embedded system programming (C, not C++) and I would be very nervous about attempting anything with Ardour. However I can tell you with some confidence that the Ardour user community (new users especially) will love you forever if you can speed up the process of getting the documentation up to date and complete. Having that job done from the point of view of someone with lots of DAW experience would be a real bonus too.

Thanks heaps Koivukoski1.

Anahata, well I’m really struggling to try and get this working with my system, Jack and Ardour seem to be ok in KXStudio but I have not been able to get any sound out of it, or into it yet. I think I will have to have some experience with a working system before I can even think about describing the HOWTO’s of it. I’ll keep in touch here and let y’all know when I’m ready to help with documentation. Happy Heart Chakras all round.