Torpedo Wall of Sound VST on Linux

Hey Guys,

Anyone has any experience with Torpedo Wall of Sound VST on Linux? I got a Torpedo Captor 8 to record my tube amp and I am wondering if anyone installed and used Wall of Sound VST with Ardour.

Hi gosvald,

I have tried to run the WoSIII plugin on Linux (via wine) but without success so far.
However, trying it with Ardour on Windows it worked.

I had emailed Two Notes regarding an Ardour/Linux compatible version, they said that it may be possible in the future, but no dates…

So drop them a few lines just to show some interest, if you feel like it.

Also, let me know if you succeed into running WoSIII on Linux! :slight_smile:

I actually decided to bite the bullet and I bought CAB M as well. I will hook that up to captor and I can use IPAD for the software interface.

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